From 19.05.2019
au 23.05.2019
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EMRO 2019 Conference

19-23th May 2019
Bordeaux, France


The EMRO (European Media Research Oganization) association promotes exchanges between the institutions and organisations involved in measurement and research in the field of audience measurement. EMRO annually holds a conference in the country of one of its members.

Participation of Arnaud Annebicque, Business Development Director with the CESP, the 20/05 at 15:00pm on the theme "France presents it's media audience measurement landscape".

Participation of Julien Rosanvallon, Executive Director of the TV and Internet department, the 22/05 at 10:00am on the theme "Making four-screen measurement fit for purpose".


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From 22.05.2019
au 24.05.2019

The Digital Benchmark

22th - 24th May 2019
Berlin, Germany


L'EBG organizes a new edition of its event on the the landscape of MarTech solutions.

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From 23.05.2019
au 23.05.2019

FEVAD conference: e-commerce audience barometer

23th May 2019
Paris, France

Quarterly results of the e-commerce audience barometer in France by Jamila Yahia Messaoud, Head of Consumer Insights, Mediamétrie.

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From 29.05.2019
au 31.05.2019

DISCOP Abidjan 2019

29-31th May 2019,
Abidjan, Ivory Coast


The Ivorian edition of DISCOP is the rendez-vous for leaders of the audiovisual and entertainment industry in French sub-Saharan Africa. This year, Morocco has been named country of honour of the event.


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Discop Abidjan



From 04.06.2019
au 05.06.2019
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Interact 2019

04th - 05th June 2019
Warsaw, Poland


IAB Europe organizes the 13th edition of its event on the current trends and valuable relationships with industry.

Presence of Julien Rosanvallon, Executive Director - Television and Internet, and Bertrand Krug, Director of the Internet Department at Médiamétrie.

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From 06.06.2019
au 07.06.2019

CEO & Top Executives Summit

06th - 07th June 2019
Prague,  Czech republic

EGTA organizes a new edition of its event on the synergies and the transformation of the advertising industry.

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From 10.06.2019
au 14.06.2019
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Shanghai international TV festival

10th - 14th June 2019
Shanghai, China


The 25th edition of Shanghai international TV festival will put forward the Chinese TV culture and foreign TV culture exchanges.

Presence of Bo Zhang, Senior Business Manager for Asia at Eurodata TV Worldwide.

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