Management of cookies

We inform you that the customer websites of the Médiamétrie “site centric” internet measurement use a tracker or “Cookie” with the aim of measuring their visits by the internet users.

A cookie is a small text file that is placed onto a device – computer, mobile telephone, tablet -, by the server of the website that you are visiting. It contains several pieces of information:

  • An identifier in the form of a string of characters
  • The expiry date of the cookie
  • The domain name of the server that placed it

This Cookie enables us to monitor the browsing patterns from your device – computer, mobile telephone, tablet – when you connect to the customer websites belonging to the Médiamétrie site-centric internet measurement. The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of each page consulted from your device is indicated to Médiamétrie.

This information and the information associated with this cookie, such as the IP address, is gathered by the company Médiamétrie, and processed by it alone on dedicated servers located in one of the Member States of the European Union. It is kept for a period of five (5) years as from its date of arrival on the Médiamétrie servers and is subject, throughout this period, to the strict application of safety conditions aiming at ensuring complete confidentiality.

Médiamétrie uses this information to provide its internet measurement clients with anonymous statistical data about visits to the measured sites, so that they may improve the quality of their products and services.

This data will only be used in relation to the various statistical surveys of Médiamétrie (including in particular audience measurement, analyses of media conduct, services of qualification, validation, harmonisation and certification of data), evaluation and anticipation of the conduct or interests of its panellists and the data enriching services of its partners or its own data.

The lifetime of a cookie on your device is thirteen (13) months. After expiry of this period, the websites taking part in the Médiamétrie site-centric internet measurement will inform you of the application of a new cookie.

In accordance with the French Data Protection law no. 78-17 of 6th January 1978, amended, you have a right to access, correct, limit, delete, object to and a right to the portability of the information about you; you may use this right by contacting Médiamétrie:

-  Either by letter: 70, rue Rivay – Legal department – 92 532 Levallois Perret Cedex, France

-  Or by email at the following address:


In accordance with the French Data Protection law, amended, you may object to the application of the Cookie on your browser by clicking on the opt-out button below:

This function applies a so-called “opt-out” cookie, valid for thirteen (13) months, to the browser used. Without the presence of this cookie, we will not be able to register your refusal for us to include your browsing data in our studies.

By selecting this option, I understand that my browsing data will not be included in Médiamétrie research.


You may alter your choice, at any time, by choosing the "opt-in" option thus authorising the application of the Cookie. For this, simply click on the "OPT-IN" button below.

By selecting this option, I understand that a Cookie will be used to include my browsing data in Médiamétrie research.


If you delete cookies from your device, you will need to inform us of your choice again upon your next connection.






How to manage or delete cookies

Managing cookies on your computer and your peripheral mobile devices is done within the browser. Depending on the browser, you can disable cookies:


By disabling the insertion of cookies in your browser settings, certain functionalities during browsing may be disabled.


Cookie management using browser settings:

In Chrome:

Menu > Settings > Advanced Settings (located at the bottom of the page).

Next, click on Content Settings and then check Block third-party website cookies and data, and finally, click on OK to confirm your choice. 

bloquer les cookies tiers, Chrome


bloquer les cookies tiers, Chrome (2)


In the Firefox browser:

Menu Options > “Privacy” tab

Set the “History rules” menu to “Use custom settings for history”.

Finally, uncheck the “Accept third-party cookies” box.

bloquer les cookies tiers, Firefox



In Internet Explorer:

Tools > Internet Options > “Privacy” tab and click Advanced to open the Advanced Privacy Settings window.

Next, check the “Override automatic cookie handling” box, then select “Block” in the “Third-party Cookies” column.

In Safari:

If you want to disable cookies in the Safari web browser, go to Preferences, and then in the Privacy window, choose to block cookies. On your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, go to Settings, then Safari, then the Cookies section.


In Opera:

Preferences > Advanced > Cookies

Cookie preferences allow you to control how Opera manages cookies. The default setting is to accept all cookies.

  • Accept cookies: Accepts all cookies (default)
  • Accept only from the website visited: Refuses third-party cookies from a domain other than the one you are visiting.
  • Never accept cookies: Refuses all cookies

Delete new cookies when exiting Opera

Some websites require that you accept cookies in order to use their services. If you want these websites to work properly but do not want to store their cookie, select “Delete new cookies when exiting Opera”.

Ask me before accepting cookies

If you select “Ask me before accepting cookies”, the cookie dialog will open every time a cookie is offered, with information on the origin of the cookie and its attributes.

Confidence interval calculus

Sample size or target in the sample

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Proportion observed in the sample or on a target in the sample

p =


Warning: only applies to a proportion. The Average Rate is an average of proportions and the Audience Share a ratio of proportions. This tool is provided for information purposes. It cannot be applied for professional purposes without further precautions.

Test of significance of the differences between two proportions

Used to assess whether the difference between 2 proportions is significant at the 95% threshold


Sample size

1st sample


2nd sample


Warning: only applies to a proportion. The Average Rate is an average of proportions and the Audience Share a ratio of proportions. This tool is provided for information purposes. It cannot be applied for professional purposes without further precautions.

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