General Terms of Use

Welcome to the website accessible at the following URL address
This website is devoted to the MEDIAMETRIE activities. Please read these general terms of use carefully (hereafter “General Terms of Use”); they govern all browsing on the / .
1. Legal information
The MEDIAMETRIE website is published by the company MEDIAMETRIE
French Société Anonyme (Limited Company) with share capital of 14,880,000 Euros,
Whose registered office is located at 70, rue Rivay, 92532 LEVALLOIS CEDEX, France
Registered on the Nanterre Trade and Companies Registry, number B 333 344 000
The website is hosted by Amazon Web Service (European Union).
2. Definitions
In relation to these General Terms of Use, the words below, in singular or plural form and beginning with a capital letter, will have the following meanings.
Account: refers to any account created by MEDIAMETRIE so that the User may have access to the reserved content of the Website.
General Terms of Use or GTU: refers to these terms applicable to the User in relation to using the Website.
Personal Data: refers to all personal information collected and enabling to identify the User, directly or indirectly. This information includes in particular identification data (especially surname and first name), contact data (especially the User’s email address), data regarding use (especially IP address, cookie identifier, publicity identifier, User Agent). The MEDIAMETRIE privacy statement (available at the following link: … ) applies unconditionally to the processing of the Personal Data by MEDIAMETRIE, except in the cases governed by special terms.
Identifier: refers to the information required for identifying the User on the Website for accessing his/her Account.
Password: refers to confidential information that the User must keep confidential, and enabling him/her, when used jointly with the Identifier, to prove his/her identity.
Website: refers to the website that is accessible at
User: refers to any private individual browsing on the Website, holding an Account and/or using one of the services offered by the Website.
3. Purpose
The General Terms of Use aim at defining the terms of use of the Website by the User.
Any access and/or use of the Website implies the unconditional acceptance and the compliance with all of the General Terms of Use by the User.
The User therefore confirms that he/she has read and understood all of the General Terms of Use before using the Website. The acceptance of the General Terms of Use excludes the application of any provision to the contrary regarding its purpose. The provisions of the General Terms of Use will prevail in any event.
The General Terms of Use constitute the whole of the agreement entered into between the User and MEDIAMETRIE and, where appropriate, cancel and replace all of the agreements entered into previously between the User and MEDIAMETRIE.
In the event that the User does not wish to accept all or part of the General Terms of Use, he/she is asked to waive the possibility of using the Website.
The User is informed that the General Terms of Use may be updated at any time by MEDIAMETRIE after acceptance by the User.
4. Access to the Website
The Website is accessible free of charge for any User with access to the Internet. All costs related to accessing the Website, whether costs of hardware, software or Internet access, are borne exclusively by the User.
The User is also exclusively liable for the correct operating of his/her computer equipment, and his/her access to the Internet.
Certain parts of the Website are reserved for Users with an Account after identification using his/her Identifier and his/her Password.
MEDIAMETRIE reserves the right to put an end to the access to the Website, unilaterally and without prior notice, for any User who does not respect the General Terms of Use.
MEDIAMETRIE provides all reasonable means at its disposal to ensure quality access to the Website, but is not bound to any obligation to achieve this.
Furthermore, MEDIAMETRIE may not be held liable for any problem affecting the network or servers or any other event beyond its reasonable control, which may prevent or hinder access to the Website.
MEDIAMETRIE reserves the right to interrupt, temporarily suspend or amend without notice the access to all or part of the Website, in order to ensure the maintenance of it, or for any other reason, without the interruption giving rise to any obligation or compensation.
5. Creation of an Account and management of the Website
5.1. Creation of an Account
The creation of an Account and the access to the Website via an Account are granted by MEDIAMETRIE. In any event, MEDIAMETRIE reserves the right to accept or refuse the allocation of an Account to a User, without having to give grounds for its decision in any way whatsoever.

However, the User undertakes to update the information about himself/herself with each change in situation. The User undertakes to make these amendments on the Website directly from his/her Account.
After creating the Account, MEDIAMETRIE sends a confirmation email to the User.
5.2. Management of the Website
Any User entrusted with an Account will define it with an Identifier and a Password, which will enable him/her to access his/her Account later.
The User undertakes to choose an Identifier that is available and lawful. The User is forbidden in particular from choosing an Identifier that may infringe any intellectual property right, trade name or third-party personal right.
Moreover, the Identifier chosen by the User must not:
•    refer to political orientations, an ethnic group, community, religion,
•    be vulgar or offensive,
•    have sexual or even pornographic connotations,
•    refer to narcotics or any other substance banned by French legislation,
•    refer to alcoholic drinks, tobacco or tobacco products,
•    be spelt alternatively with a view to avoiding the rules imposed in these GTU.
The User undertakes to only have one Account on the Website. MEDIAMETRIE therefore reserves the right to delete accounts corresponding to the same User.
The User also undertakes to choose and keep his/her Password secret. Any loan of an Account is strictly forbidden. MEDIAMETRIE declines any liability in the case of access to the Account by a third party. A User may only have one Account (same surname, same first name and valid email address).
6. Acceptance of the General Terms of Use by the User
The User acknowledges and accepts, unreservedly, that these General Terms of Use become applicable and govern the relations between MEDIAMETRIE and the User.
MEDIAMETRIE will keep the date of the said acceptance which constitutes, as mutually agreed, a set date of acceptance of the GTU.
Any access to the Website, and/or any search performed on the said Website and/or any use of the said Website and/or any downloading of a part of the content of the said Website by the User implies unreserved acceptance of the General Terms of Use.
7. User’s commitment
In relation to these Terms, the User undertakes:
•    To pay compensation to MEDIAMETRIE for any damaging consequences directly or indirectly linked to any infringing use of the Website by the User;
•    Not to disclose his/her Identifier or his/her Password to any third parties;
•    To take all necessary precautions to avoid third parties having access to his/her Account and to his/her Identifier and Password;
•    To take all measures in order to avoid a third party being able to have access to the Account that the User has activated, even without him/her knowing;
•    Not to give access to his/her Account for a third party;
•    To use a personal email address and not to share this address.
In the case of a forgotten Password, the User notifies this on the Website homepage by clicking on the “Forgotten Password” section. In this case, the User must indicate his/her Identifier and will receive an email with a new Password at the email address indicated upon creating his/her Account.
The User is responsible for taking all necessary measures to enable the protection of his/her own data from any infringement and in particular to prevent any unauthorised disclosure to third parties.
The User undertakes, in general, to respect all of the regulations applicable in France. 
8. Intellectual Property
All of the information contained on the Website and, more generally, all of the distinguishing features including in particular the MEDIAMETRIE trademark, the MEDIAMETRIE logo, the MEDIAMETRIE font, the visuals, pictures, images and videos of MEDIAMETRIE are only made available to the User for information purposes. They may not, in any event, be interpreted as a licence or business proposal.
This information is protected by intellectual property rights and is the exclusive property of MEDIAMETRIE.
Any unauthorised reproduction of the MEDIAMETRIE trademark, logo and distinguishing features constitutes an infringement that is liable to criminal penalties. The offender will be liable to civil and criminal penalties and in particular the penalties stipulated in articles L. 335.2 and L. 343.1 of the French Intellectual Property Code.
In the same respect, the User is forbidden from making any unauthorised use of the items provided by the assignees to MEDIAMETRIE in relation to the Website.
In this respect, the User protects MEDIAMETRIE from any action taken by the assignees against MEDIAMETRIE on the grounds of any infringing use by the User of their copyright.
The User undertakes in particular to bear the cost of the payment of any amounts, of any kind, as a result of any action by an assignee against MEDIAMETRIE due to an infringing use by the User, including lawyers’ fees and legal expenses.
9. Personal Data
MEDIAMETRIE takes care to protect Personal Data and undertakes to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation no. 2016/679/EU of 27th April 2016 applicable as from 25th May 2018 (hereafter the “Regulation”), the French Data Protection law no. 78-17 of 6th January 1978, amended, and its future decrees or application orders (hereafter referred to together as the “Regulations”).
In accordance with article 32 of the Regulation, MEDIAMETRIE undertakes to implement the appropriate technical and organisational measures to guarantee the suitable safety of the Personal Data that it processes and, in particular to prevent it from being destroyed, lost, distorted, disclosed in an unauthorised way, damaged, or being accessed by unauthorised third parties.
MEDIAMETRIE collects Personal Data about the User, in particular the data collected during the Account creation stage, such as the surname, first name, telephone number and email address of the User.
The recipients of the User’s Personal Data are our own internal departments and our subcontractors (in particular AT Internet for monitoring the browsing of the Website via the application of a cookie). The cookie’s sole purpose is the production of statistical audience analyses and data. The User may withdraw his/her consent for this cookie at any time, via the following page: …). MEDIAMETRIE undertakes not to disclose to third parties, in any way whatsoever, all or part of the Personal Data that may have been communicated to it by the User.
In accordance with the Regulation, the User has the right to access and correct his/her Personal Data, and the right to restriction of processing, portability and deletion, by contacting the company MEDIAMETRIE. The User may also, for legitimate reasons, object to the processing of the Personal Data about him/her; in this case, his/her objection may lead him/her to waive his/her use of the Website.
The User may use his/her rights regarding his/her Personal Data:
•    by connecting to the Website, by clicking on the “contact” link indicated at the foot of the page of the Website or
•    by entering directly into contact by using the following email address:
The User’s Personal Data, and in particular the identification and contact data, is kept for the whole period of activation of the Account. After closure of the User’s Account, for purposes of managing access to the Website and for all means of proof, the User’s Personal Data is kept for a period of one (1) year.
The processing of the User’s Personal Data is governed by the MEDIAMETRIE Privacy Statement available at the following link: …
10. Term and termination
The General Terms of Use apply to any User, whether or not he/she holds an Account as soon as he/she begins browsing on the Website.
The General Terms of Use are signed for an unlimited period, being reminded that the User may put an end to them at any time, waiving the possibility of having access to the Website.
MEDIAMETRIE may put an end, reciprocally, at any time to the User’s participation on the Website, in particular in the event of failure to respect the General Terms of Use of the Website or for any other reason.
11. Force majeure event
MEDIAMETRIE may not be held liable for any breach whatsoever of any of its obligations if this breach is the result of a force majeure event or a fortuitous event making the performance of its obligations impossible, whether temporarily or permanently, as stipulated in article 1218 of the French Civil Code and the definition considered by French case-law examples.
12. General provisions
The User acknowledges that he/she has been informed of the special risks linked to the specific characteristics of the internet and the networks, and in particular of the fact that the information related to the Personal Data about him/her may be collected and/or transferred, in particular to countries that do not guarantee a suitable level of protection of Personal Data.
MEDIAMETRIE may not, in any event, within the limit of the applicable law, be held liable for any damage and/or prejudice, whether direct or indirect, material or immaterial, or of any kind whatsoever, as a result of the unavailability of the Website or any use of the Website. The word “Use” must be understood in its broad meaning, i.e. any use of the Website whatsoever, whether lawful or not.
MEDIAMETRIE reserves the right to amend, delete and update the General Terms of Use at any time, in order to adapt them to the evolutions of the Website and/or its use. All changes made to the General Terms of Use will be published on this same page. You are invited to consult it regularly.
These General Terms of Use are governed by French law. Any dispute related to their validity, interpretation or performance, after failure of any attempt at conciliation, will be referred to the courts with jurisdiction.
13. Contact
The User may contact MEDIAMETRIE to put forward any question or claim related to the Website, by email, in the “Contact” section of the Website.
Date of application: 25th May 2018

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