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The Content Hub 2016

du 11/02/2016 au 11/02/2016

The Content Hub will be held 11th February 2016 at The Westin Hotel, Mumbai, India.

The growth of the visual medium (from traditional television to online short format content to mobile TV content) has changed the way it is created and especially how it is consumed. There is a constant need for new and exciting content, and as a result, a requirement of dynamic creators and scriptwriters.

Indiantelevision.com's The Content Hub is a get together of writers, creators, producers, artistes and broadcast executives to discuss, understand, educate and engage those involved in the content creation process – both for TV and digital. The idea is to spark off changes in the thought and creation processes in the content pipeline in order to come up with best practices and also initiate paradigm shifts in programming in India.

This initiative is aimed at established professionals, newbies and anyone who is keen on taking the plunge into the fascinating world of writing, producing and creating for television and the digital space.

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