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La newsletter d'octobre 2017

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Our clients and partners report on their successes, projects and relationship with Eurodata TV Worldwide.

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New learnings from 4-Screen measurement and NoTa Kids

It has been an exciting few weeks for Eurodata TV Worldwide with a successful conference held in London, a fruitful MIP season and the launch of a new service dedicated to Kids programming: NoTa Kids.

On October 3rd, Eurodata TV revealed “The Global Dynamics of Television: engaging viewers with innovative content in a 4-screen environment”, the third edition of our annual London conference. The presentation details the first lessons learned from 4-screen TV audience measurement. Watching TV programmes in this way is becoming complementary to viewing on the television set and can reach a wider audience. For example, “Demain nous appartient” (Tomorrow belongs to us) shown this summer on TF1 attracted an additional 36% of viewers thanks to time-shifted, catch-up and online viewing. Analysis was also presented concerning the increasingly original strategies being used by broadcasters to deal with fierce competition from the online platforms. Lastly, the spotlight is turned on the global trends in programming during the 1st half of 2017: 6,000 programmes launched, over half of which were original creations, with themes ranging from nostalgia, awaking to today's world and escapism. You will find an extract of our presentation in the exclusive section.

In the will to always offer new services adapted to the needs of the audiovisual community, we announced during the opening conference of MIPJunior the launch of a brand-new service: NoTa Kids. In addition to our NoTa service, you will be now able to identify new programmes and trends in children’s programming based on certified audience data. During this conference we also introduced the key findings of our new Kids TV Report. You can find more information about the latest data of Kids TV in the first article of this newsletter.

This October, we also released the new edition of our 4Screen quarterly report in which we find out that broadcasters are introducing new online experiences. Thanks to exclusive partnerships with social networks, exclusive content on online platforms, and other immersive contents, TV viewers are more and more invited to experiment transmedia strategies. You can read more about it in the second article of this newsletter.

For more information do not hesitate to follow us on our Twitter page @EurodataTV

Best regards,

Frédéric Vaulpré,
Vice President of Eurodata TV Worldwide

Find out more about our insight reports:

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The Global Dynamics of Television: engaging viewers with innovative content in a 4-Screen environment
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The Eurodata TV Worldwide team is constantly travelling around the world to meet our clients/partners and bring an unique insight through conferences, seminars and festivals around five continents. In the coming months you can meet and hear us at:

  • Sportel Monaco
    Monaco, Principality of Monaco
    23-26th October 2016

    Yassine-Guillaume Berhoun - ygberhoun@eurodatatv.com
    Tokyo, Japan
    24-26th October 2017

    Siglinde Martinez - smartinez@eurodatatv.com
    Bo Zhang - bzhang@eurodatatv.com
  • SerienCamp
    Munich, Germany
    26-27th October 2017

    “Who Watches What - An Overview to the Landscape of European Series Production, Distribution and Consumption” by Abed Laraqui on October 26th, 9:45 – 10:30
    Abed Laraqui - alaraqui@eurodatatv.com
  • My Content Dubai
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    29-30th October 2017

    Jessica Laloum - jlaloum@eurodatatv.com
  • Scripted Summit
    Los Angeles, USA
    6-8th November 2017

    Kunal de Souza - kdesouza@eurodatatv.com
  • ASI International Radio & Audio and Television & Video Conferences
    Nice, France
    8-10th November 2017

    "Global dynamics of television: What are the latest trends in 4-screen usage and popular content formats?" by Frédéric Vaulpré on November 9th, 10:25 – 11:25am
    Frédéric Vaulpré - fvaulpre@eurodatatv.com
  • MIPCancun
    Cancun, Mexico
    15-17th November 2017

    François Lhomme - flhomme@eurodatatv.com
  • C21 content London
    London, United Kingdom
    27-29th November 2017

    “Trendspotting: European series, latest creative trends and new accessibility modes”, by Avril Blondelot & Paul Youngbluth
    Avril Blondelot - ablondelot@eurodatatv.com
    Paul Youngbluth - pauly@tape-services.com

Wherever you are in the world, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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Our clients and partners report on their successes, projects and relationship with Eurodata TV Worldwide.
Auditel Italy – Paolo Duranti – Commercial Director – Italy

Starting from the 31st of July 2017, AUDITEL has been publishing TV ratings collected through the so-called SuperPanel. Could you please explain what does this SuperPanel consist in?

SuperPanel represents the innovative evolution of the TV rating measurement in Italy. The high and growing TV offer fragmentation boosted by the fast development of the digital Channels, requires a larger sample, able to better grab the audiences of very small channels (new digital/thematic channels and local stations as well). The original sample of 5.700 Households has been expanded to 16.000 Households: the SuperPanel sample is now the largest panel in Europe in absolute value, and the largest in the World compared to the population.

With the aim to give to the reader some details about such big innovation, we are pleased to share some information about the new sample structure and the way it works.

In the original panel (5.700 HH) the families are equipped with a people meter which is able to detect the channel viewed by the member/s of the family, and who is in front of the screen. The main technology used by meters is called “audio-matching” and allows the detection of channels viewed even for short periods of time (something similar to the well known Shazam). The remote control (push bottom) is used to identify who (which member of the family, and/or guest) is watching the TV.

Such methodology is very accurate and largely used internationally but comes with a very high cost; so, in order to conciliate the need to expand significantly the sample size without increasing proportionally the costs, Auditel decided to equip the additional families (about 10.000 HH) with a set meter: this device is able to detect the channel viewed by the family using the “audio-matching” technology but does not collect any information on who is in front of the TV. The advantage of this approach is that 2/3 of the SuperPanel HH do not require any collaboration by the panel members and need less maintenance.

To compensate for the missing information about who is in front of the TV, Auditel developed a very sophisticated and unique model for estimating the individual viewing also in the family equipped with set meter. The strong robustness of the statistical algorithm is even empowered by the fact that it has to estimate just 1 of the 8 variables used for measuring the individual viewing. It took nearly 15 months for developing such very advanced and unmatched methodology which has been tested for 8 months before its official release to the market.

Hundreds of micro/macro tests have been run by the Auditel’s Technical Committee on this proprietary model which is now up and running since 31st of July and it provides more accurate figures.

What are the main benefits and findings resulting from the implementation of this SuperPanel?

As a general comment, we can say that the main benefits of SuperPanel are more addressed to channels with little audiences (the most difficult ones to be represented by a panel).

We can briefly summarize here which are the main advantages:

  • More stable data: the weighting factor of each individual has been reduced of 2/3 in average. Thanks to this, Superpanel data show more stable trends with less picks (up and down)
  • Less “zero minutes” phenomenon: the audience curves of small channels, often show a significant presence of minutes in which there are no viewers in front of the screen. This fact is depressing the audience. With SuperPanel, the presence of “zero minutes” has been reduced of more than 60%. This gives a significant contribution to a better representation of small audiences that, in average, results more accurate than before.
  • New Reach calculation: SuperPanel has introduced a new formula for the Reach calculation which shows 2 main advantages:
    • The New Reach calculation reduces the negative effects of the (physiological and unavoidable) sample rotation: so, new Reach estimates are more accurate.
    • The new calculation represents a Standard Golden Rule: all users must adopt the new standard with the relevant benefit to introduce more transparency into the market place.

What is the next big step forward for Auditel?

Looking forward to future developments, Auditel is happy to communicate that a new project for the digital devices audience measurement already started in 2017. The number of screens where people could watch videos has increased and needs to be reported by measuring the digital content consumption.

Though is a little premature to go into thin details of such initiative, we are pleased to give to the reader just a couple of key facts:

  • The architecture of the project:
    the digital measurement requires Census data (collected with the cooperation of the broadcasters) and Panel data. Census data gives the overall “size” of the viewing, Panel data give the profile of the individual viewer. One of the most critical facts in the digital device measurement is the high level of cooperation requested to the individuals in the sample (for measuring all their personal devices). Auditel exploited its SuperPanel large sample for building a Single Source sub sample in it, where to measure simultaneously both traditional and digital screens. This methodology is fundamental to properly profile the viewers and to de-duplicate the viewing of the same content done simultaneously on more devices (i.e. more accurate Reach)
  • The technology adopted:
    Auditel has already selected the technology to be adopted in its Panel. A router installed into the house allows to track all viewings done on digital devices connected to it. This includes out of home consumption (measured once the device is back home).

We have monitored over the last years the fast evolution of the technologies for measuring the digital viewing and we are confident that their current level of accuracy is enough for guaranteeing the quality standards required by the market. Auditel aims to release the first data on digital viewing by 2018. Sometimes not to be the first mover bring valuable benefits and helps to be up-to-date and to design very solid and reliable projects!

Paolo Duranti is Commercial Director at Auditel Italy with the responsibility to design and launch a new go to market approach. He spent about 30 years working in Nielsen and GFK dealing with Consumer and Media research; lastly, he managed the Nielsen Media business in Southern Europe and South Africa, consolidating and expanding the research activities introducing new services.

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Monaco Mediax (Sportel Monaco) – Laurent Puons – CEO – Principality of Monaco

What can you tell us about Sportel’s 2017 recent successes?

This is very easy to explain. For nearly 30 years SPORTEL is one of the most important and influential business conventions of the sports and media industry. Over the decades the SPORTEL brand has become stronger and became the home for the elite business people that made our conventions a MUST to attend every year. We look back on generations of experience in this industry and have applied this experience. Furthermore, we managed to stay flexible and adapt to industry changes and developments.

One major change for SPORTEL was the inclusion of key technologies that enable the sports content industry to build more business and generate a massive surplus in revenues. This was only the beginning. SPORTEL today is becoming more and more the ONE event that will enable any professional to partake and build a sports business from scratch. You will find everything you need for brand marketing, event organization, media productions to content distribution – all in one show.

What are your main projects and strategy outlines over the coming months?

I cannot say that, after SPORTELMonaco we will focus on our next events, as we already are in full progress. Apart of SPORTELMonaco now, we already started bookings for SPORTELAsia 2018, held in Singapore from March 13th to 15th and also our newest event, the SPORTELSummit. This exclusive meeting will be held for the first time in May 15th and 16th, 2018 in Miami Beach. This event is specifically designed for the needs of the absolute highest level of decision makers in the world. We will only allow about 250 participants for the meeting each year. They will be able to meet behind closed doors and do serious business and solve global issues of the industry. It’s a very big step for us, but a necessary one for the industry.

How does information and insights provided by Eurodata TV Worldwide help sports stakeholders strengthen their strategic position / activities?

I am sure you have heard this a lot lately, but more and more entities of the industry understand the power and value of “good marketing” for brand communication. This can only be done when one understands the market, the target groups and the competition. “DATA is a MUST” to have today. Not having or ignoring the power of data is inexcusable.

After spending five years simultaneously completing his university studies and pursuing a top-flight sports career, Laurent Puons began working for the Monaco government in December 1992, occupying key positions in both its civil service and human resources department over the subsequent half-decade. 2001 saw him accept an offer from Monaco Mediax to serve as the company’s Finance and Administration Director, in a role that saw him organise and develop major international events in the Principality of Monaco.

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Kids’ TV performances: how channels adapt their strategies?

In the first 6 months of 2017, the TV consumption of children in the 5 main markets achieved 1 hour and 46 minutes (- 6 min vs 2016). Therefore, Kids’ TV players had to adapt their strategy to re-catch the attention of children.

Evolution of the daily viewing time across countries: contrasting situations

Cultural consumption habits can lead to huge gaps between countries regarding the daily viewing time. Italy remains the country with the highest DVT (2:39) whereas Germany still has the lowest one (1:15). 

In terms of viewership, disparities were found in the viewing usage among children, which varies from one country to another. In Italy and UK, younger children (between 4 and 9 years old) boost the viewership while in Germany, it is a different picture as the children aged 3 to 5 are by far the least involved in TV watching.

Kid’s specialist and local players are holding

Italy and Spain saw their children’s channels market shares decrease vs 2016 but on the other hand France, UK and Germany welcomed better results. Generally, group’s good performances are supported by one of their channel as the French channel Gulli part of Lagardère Active which recorded the higher market share in France.

Local players owed their success to preschoolers. Indeed, few children’s channel experienced massive growth. Cbeebies in the UK, Rai Yoyo in Italy, which are preschoolers’ specialists, are by far overhanging other children’s channels increases among preschoolers by gaining more than 4 points of audience share vs the same period in 2016.

Though, some generalists channel who broadcast solid children’s block are holding up to as France 5 (FR) and Channel 5 (UK).

Animation continue to dominate, educational programmes confirm their strength

Across the 5 countries, animated series dominated the rankings, taking over 73%. This trend is confirming in France where almost all the most popular programmes by Children aged 4-14 are the genre. Entertainment, educational and game shows were the second most watched genres with a special mention for Germany with 35% of the top programmes.

Among the best performing programmes, 17% of them were launched on their channel for the first time in the first half of 2017. Spain and Italy are the ones who bet the most on new shows in their countries (Winston Steinburger & Sir Dudley Ding Dong - Spain / Minnie’s Bow Toons – Italy) in contrast with Germany where only two new shows are ranked into the top titles.

8 programmes have succeeded in attracting a large part of the children’s audience in several countries such as the long-running British series Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom which appears in the best series top in 4 countries.

Considering the total market ranking as well as the best performing programmes per channel, in the five main European markets studied, 67% of the series were not produced in the country they were broadcast in.

Children’s online viewing boosted by the time shifted consumption

According to the first results of 4-Screen measurement among children in France, TV consumption of online screens was mainly time shifted viewing (86%) and not live. This trend applies also for the rest of the population but stays higher for Children’s programmes.
In the Netherlands, where results have been available since 2016, the tablet is the most successful screen among children aged 6 - 12 years old, with 56% of the TV consumption on the online screen.

All the facts and figures of these programmes and much more can be found in the Kids TV Report, vol 1 2017. The report was released in September 2017.

Source: Eurodata TV Worldwide – Kids TV Report 2017 - Edition 1 / Relevant partners

For further information on the “Kids TV Report 2017”, please contact us!
Louise-Marie Monne - Research & Client Executive - lmmonne@eurodatatv.com


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Transmedia strategies to catch audiences’ attention

Broadcasters get now used to offering new online experiences to kids as well as adults on their favorite programmes. Thanks to exclusive partnerships with social networks, exclusive content on online platforms, and other immersive contents, TV viewers are more and more invited to experiment transmedia strategies. In this way, to be distinguished, broadcasters must show themselves innovative and some of their initiatives are at the cutting edge of technology.

Recently, many broadcasters around the world mix strong brands and high tech to attract kids and teenagers.

In August 2017, Cartoon Network Latin America and Spain has released the Ben 10: Experiencia Alienígena! application for iOS and Android, with facial-recognition and an augmented reality technology. The free application uses cameras on mobile devices to transform the user into one of Ben Tennyson’s alien forms with facial-recognition technology, allowing viewers to become one of his/her favorite characters. It also offers an augmented reality game, in which users can employ Ben 10’s powers to stop a wave of robots.

Furthermore, the American television channel Nickelodeon, has unveiled the SpongeBob SquarePants: “You Bring the Color” initiative, giving fans the opportunity to go online and digitally color SpongeBob. The initiative goes further and selected fan creations will be featured on Nickelodeon during “You Bring the Color”, a special themed week of new SpongeBob SquarePants episodes in November 2017. The experience is largely promoted as packages of products are designed from official “You Bring the Color”.

New high technology experiences are not limited to well-known programmes and several content creators immerse concerts’ audience with new techniques.

This summer, during Lorde’s concert at the Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival, Snapchat has offered a new feature on its application. During the song “Green Light”, Snapchat combined the clips from phones filming at the same moment, using geolocation and timestamps to piece the audio together into a semi-seamless video. As a result, a multi-camera video was offered, with several angles available, while the sound remained continuous. Users can tap to see a new angle whenever the “Crowd Surf” icon is lit up. Crowd Surf is based on in-house Artificial Intelligence technology and the final feature should roll out progressively to more events.

In parallel, London-based startup MelodyVR is developing an application specialised in virtual reality and live music experiences. It will offer the largest digital library of VR content in the world, via a cross-platform application on leading VR devices. MelodyVR has already signed up all three major record labels - Warner, Universal Music and Sony Music Entertainment - to provide access to a large variety of artists from all genres. However, the creators of the application said they were waiting for the next round of VR headsets so the technology would be up to the technical requirements of their content.

In a competitive market, broadcasters and online content pure players have been distancing themselves to attract a larger audience through immersive contents. High technology seems to be an interesting angle but developing its own technologies and tools can be a solution to overtake its competitors.

All the facts and figures of these programmes (and much more!) can be found in the 4Screen Quarterly Report, Edition 3 2017. The report was released in October 2017.

Source: Eurodata TV Worldwide – 4Screen Quarterly report 2017 – Edition 3 / Relevant Partners

For further information on the “4Screen Quarterly Report”, please contact us!
Cécile Bertrand – Media Consultant - cbertrand@eurodatatv.com
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THE GOOD DOCTOR - This series, starring Freddie Highmore (Bates Motel, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory), is an adaptation of a successful Korean format. It was also an audience booster on its premiere in the US.

United States – ABC - Series - "The Good Doctor" centers on a young surgeon with Savant syndrome who is recruited into the pediatric surgical unit of a prestigious hospital. The question which arises: can a person who doesn’t have the ability to relate to people actually save their lives?


SUBURRA: THE SERIES - This programme is the first Italian original production of the online platform Netflix. It was developed in collaboration with the Italian Channel Rai.

International Platform –  Netflix –  Series - The series, based on the eponym novel by Giancarlo De Cataldo and Carlo Bonini, is set on the Roman coast and involves politics, the Vatican, the mafia, corruption, money laundering, drugs and prostitution.


FALSCHER HASE - This programme proposes a show where lies have to be identified for the date to take place. Its premiere performed well, in particular on the commercial target

Germany –  RTL –  Game show – In this dating show, the candidate has to find out which of the three singles is truly interested and, at the same time, really a single.


Source: Eurodata TV Worldwide / NOTA / Relevants partners

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Join the Eurodata TV Worldwide team!

The Eurodata TV Worldwide department analyses and gives access to audience performances of television programmes in more than 100 territories across the world. Our clients are TV producers, TV Channels, Copyright Organizations, Sponsors, etc.

Do you have a strong interest in international television? You already keep an eye on new launches and programming trends?

Join our team!

Research and Client Executive – Full-time contract

You guarantee with the support of your team composed of two senior study managers, the realization of the report "One TV Year in The World". You coordinate the production of adhoc studies and ensure optimization and quality.

You guarantee the production of the study "One TV Year in The World": from the relationship with the partners, the analysis and the synthesis of the data, the realization of the report to the delivery of the results to the customers. You also produce the thematic report on the consumption of Young Adults.

You are responsible for a portfolio of clients (broadcasters, producers, distributors) and provide them with figures and analyses. In relation with the sales managers, you produce ad hoc studies for your clients and think about the marketing optimization of the offers. With the support of the partnerships team, to obtain the necessary data, you are also in constant contact with our partners around the world.

You propose the lines of study and ensure the analysis and the realization of the reports, in connection with your team.

You bring your analytical expertise for conferences. You participate in the communication of studies in relation with the marketing team (press releases, emailings and customer brochures).

Joining us is evolving on a position where you will express your accompanying qualities and your value-added on the analyses.


  • Higher education type School of engineering or course statistics-University maths.
  • Experience of at least six years, ideally acquired in a study company.
  • Strong ability to synthesize and critically analyze data.
  • Rigor, ability to coordinate several projects simultaneously, proposal strength, initiative, ability to speak in public.
  • Fluent English with editorial command imperative.

Contact: gphelizon@mediametrie.fr

International TV Programme Analyst Assistant- 6-months Internship

Our Research department is currently seeking, for a six months’ internship, an International TV Programmes Analyst Assistant.


  • Identify new TV titles launched in a selection of territories.
  • Establish documentary research, via Internet, to write a brief description of each programme and gather the production credits.
  • Collect the data produced, verify them and interpret the results.
  • Assist Research & Client Managers, producing audience reports and analysis for our global clients.
  • Analyse international TV landscapes, programme performances and programming scheduling.


  • Preparing a BA, BS/BSc and/or MA, MS/MSc,
  • In Business school or University,
  • Field: Marketing/Research/Medias.

Contact: please send your application to: gaubry@mediametrie.fr

Research and Account Assistant – 6-months internship

Within the Research and Strategies of content team of EurodataTV, we are seeking for an apprentice/intern from June 2017.


You participate in the realization of reports and analyses for our international clients, and as such you participate more particularly in reporting on the hearing channels and programmes worldwide.

You synthesize audience data from the available in-house databases, formalize requests for additional data to the partners we are working with, and check the results of the studies you are responsible of. You format and make the writing of summaries of these reports.

You also need to communicate in English with some local partners in order to provide clarification on the transmitted data.


Student in Business School or University, minimum BA level, you follow a specialization in audiovisual/studies/mathematics, and are strongly motivated by the quantitative studies and the international TV sector.

Comfortable with numbers, you are known for your qualities of rigor and adaptation. Your taste for team work and intellectual curiosity will make you successful in the position.

A very good knowledge of IT tools - Word, Excel and Power Point - is necessary.

Given the international environment the proficiency in English is essential.

Contact: please send your application to: gaubry@mediametrie.fr

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