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Eurodata TV vous informe - Mai 2010


Eurodata TV Newsletter - Mai 2010


[ Editorial ]

» Spring 2010: New measures, new trends...and (soon to be) new winners!

[ Interview ]

Our clients and partners report on their successes, projects and relationship with Eurodata TV Worldwide.

» TVFI – Mathieu Bejot – Executive Director
“Information from Eurodata TV Worldwide serves two purposes. Key facts and figures give us a precise understanding of the territories where we do business, which is very helpful as our industry is increasingly fragmented and diversified.” Read more...

» Eurodata TV Worldwide’s clients’ testimonials
Eurodata TV Worldwide provide reports and analysis allowing the industry to get both a global overview of the TV market and in-depth analyses on highly specific issues. Thank you to all our partners who have trusted  us everyday for almost 20 years. Read more...

[ What's new? ]

Brand New!

» 5th Eurodata Worldwide International Audience Awards: who will be the next winners?
David Tomatis, Chief Executive Officer of the Monte Carlo TV Festival, and Jacques Braun, Médiamétrie Executive Director and Eurodata TV Worldwide Vice-President, have revealed the nominees of the 5th International TV Audience Awards. Read more...

Special Cannes Film Festival

» European common values: Tuned to International productions
The start of 2010, however, provides a new picture, as this panorama of the top ranking movies broadcast in Europe during the first semester of year 2010 shows. Read more...

» The come back of musicals: a long lasting trend?
How far we are from “The Jazz Singer”, the very first musical movie produced. Read more...

Kids TV Report: A big eye on little viewers 

» European formats tempt the smallest viewers
The start of 2010 demonstrates again the power of US movies, Eurodata TV Worldwide analysed the best performing movies over the five key European markets. Read more...

Sports on TV: Give Sense, Be Efficient!

» The Augusta Masters - Tiger Woods' boosts the ratings
2010th Augusta Masters was the theatre of Tiger Woods’ come back and local US broadcasters really benefit from this public interest. Read more...

» FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa - ready for TV audiences records?
During 2006 FIFA World Cup held in Germany, many countries achieved their best performance of the year with a World Cup game. Read more...

Eurodata TV Worldwide International Network

» New Channels Available through Eurodata TV Worldwide