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Eurodata TV vous informe - Decembre 2009


Eurodata TV Newsletter - Decembre 2009


[ Editorial ]

» A promising season

[ Interview ]

Our clients and partners report on their successes, projects and relationship with Eurodata TV Worldwide.

» ATO - Lucie Pokorna, Director
“(…) individualised viewing behaviour within the households as well as time-shifted viewing are hot issues to deal with – new alternative technology is prepared to be introduced into the trend-setting households to keep pace with the TV equipment changes and individualised scheduling tendencies on the viewers´ side as soon as the penetration of them is relevant". Read more...

» Dorna - Josep M Asensio Escudé, Marketing Manager
“The speed, accuracy and professionalism of the Eurodata TV team, together with their understanding of our needs, are key to supplying the information, which enables us to prove our success stories and understand the market situation worldwide…”

[ What's new? ]

Brand New!

» JUST RELEASED - Yearly Sport Key Facts updated with Motorsports Focus

» JUST RELEASED - NOTA  Fall International TV Trends

Online Solutions

» You are invited onto our deskops!
Wouldn’t you be curious to discover how we work? Are you eager to explore the software we use, to find out how we run reports for you with data from all over the world, and to learn how you can get best out of our tools? Eurodata TV Worldwide is happy to offer desktop sharing through WebEx (…). Read more...

» E-nota: We keep on moving
Eurodata TV Worldwide continuously upgrades its NOTA website to better suit the needs of its clients, with several new improvements now available. Read more...

NOTA: Cool Formats, Hot Ratings

» International TV Trends: The Proximity Factor
If this summer TV concentrated its efforts on entertaining viewers, this fall contents try to get close to them. TV programs portray viewers as they are. They don’t dare to try to make them swallow unrealistic images of themselves. It marks the end of a fantasy TV: programs talk about people and even laugh with them. Proximity is the buzz word of this fall. Read more...

Sports on TV: Give Sense, Be Efficient!

Special Motor SportBusiness Forum Monaco 2009
On the occasion of the fifth Motor Sport Business Forum held in Monaco, Eurodata TV Worldwide sport sales manager Florent Simon notes that “Formula One remains among the top audience-pulling sport competitions thanks to continuous innovations and a permanently renewed suspense that boost audiences. Read more...

» FIFA World Cup: Past results to explain future trends?
Eurodata TV Worldwide and Sportcal audience analysis: The first in a regular series of fortnightly analyses of television audiences for major international sports events. Read more...

Kids TV: A big eye on little viewers

» The Christmas Holidays: a time for family movies
Christmas holidays go hand in hand with gifts, good dinners and family films. Indeed during this period in 2008, the Top 3 best performing youth programs for France, Germany and the United Kingdom were exclusively composed of animated movies. Read more...

Eurodata TV Worldwide International Network

» New Channels Available through Eurodata TV Worldwide.