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Estelle Duval, Director of Strategy for Médiamétrie and four new members appointed to the Board of Management

Estelle Duval is appointed Director of Strategy for Médiamétrie, a new department created to support the development of the media market and content consumption patterns, in a constantly changing technological context.

As Director of Strategy, Estelle Duval is responsible for orchestrating the implementation and monitoring of Médiamétrie’s new strategic plan as a whole and to propose, if necessary, the adjustments needed to achieve the objectives set. She will also lead reflection on the acceleration of a data strategy, particularly by creating decisive alliances and partnerships with key players in this field.

Estelle Duval joins the Médiamétrie Executive Committee in her new role.

Yannick Carriou, Chairman and CEO of Médiamétrie: “Médiamétrie is undergoing a fundamental and formal transformation to better support the market in changing uses, which is more important than ever in this unprecedented period. The whole company has set in motion to think about the measurements of tomorrow and we needed the talent to orchestrate the multiple projects, both internal and external, that will need to be carried out simultaneously. We found such talent in Estelle and her experience in multiple roles within Médiamétrie. As an expert on audiences, she is also an ultra-connected person in the digital and data world, and, as such, heralds our role at the forefront of the industry.”

Biographical highlights

A graduate of the Neoma Business School (Master Grande Ecole), Estelle Duval spent several years with Nielsen as Marketing Advisor for mass market product advertisers. She also worked on the development of the access panel for the Greenfield Online Group. Estelle Duval arrived at Médiamétrie in 2006 and was Marketing and Development Director of the Médiamétrie//NetRatings subsidiary before taking charge in 2011 and leading the Internet Department of Médiamétrie until 2016. She has been running the Data Department since 2017.

Estelle Duval


Changes in the Médiamétrie Board of Management

Furthermore, the Médiamétrie Board of Management is growing, with the arrival of four new members: Laurence Deléchapt, Director of the Television Department, Stéphanie Ingot, CATI and Panels Director, Bertrand Krug, Director of the Internet Department and Emmanuelle Le Goff, Director of the Radio and Overseas Department.

Yannick Carriou says: “Médiamétrie is a nursery for experts and skills, with a strong commitment to our customers. I’m delighted to welcome these new “roaring forties” to the management of the company. Their daily work in terms of thoroughness, independence and the quality of our measurements is a great asset. But beyond that, it is their state of mind to serve our customers and the inspiration they give to their teams that allows us to look to the future with enthusiasm and confidence.”

Biographical highlights

Laurence Deléchapt holds a Masters' degree in Mathematics, random models in economics and finance, graduating from Paris 7 University in 1999 (Paris Diderot). She began her professional career at the Médiavest agency, then joined Médiamétrie as Head of Surveys and Models in 1999. In 2010, she became Director of TV Surveys and Sales and Key Account Manager, then in 2017, Director of the National Médiamat Department. Since June 2020, she has been in charge of the Médiamétrie Television Department.

After studying economics at Jules Verne University in Picardy, Stéphanie Ingot joined Médiamétrie in 2000, initially for 2 weeks to conduct interviews with major companies. She then took on the roles of supervisor, trainer and then panel studies specialist. Appointed to the production and animation direction panels in 2008, she then managed surveys in Morocco and Portugal (CATI providers) in 2013, in addition to areas in France. She currently holds the position of CATI and Panels Production Director.

Bertrand Krug is a graduate of the Neoma Business School and Middlesex University and also holds a Masters' degree in Foreign Trade from Paris II University. He began his career in 1998 at Eurosport in the marketing department of the pan-European media sales. In 2006, he joined Médiamétrie//NetRatings, a joint venture between Médiamétrie and Nielsen, then, when the Advertising Solutions department was set up in 2009, he notably deployed the DAR (Digital Ad Ratings) and XCR (Cross Campaign Ratings) advertising measures. Since 2017, Bertrand Krug has been Director of the Internet Department at Médiamétrie, the reference in internet audience measurement.

A graduate with a Masters' degree in Mathematical Decision from Paris IX-Dauphine University, Emmanuelle Le Goff joined Médiamétrie in 1998. After 10 years of experience in the field of Surveys in the positions of Research and Customer Officer, Group Manager, Research and Customer Director then Commercial Director, in 2008 she was appointed as Director of the Radio and Overseas Department of Médiamétrie, with the task of carrying out and marketing benchmark audience surveys for Radio media, as well as local media (local Radio and TV in mainland France and Overseas).


Laurence Deléchapt, Stéphanie Ingot, Bertrand Krug, Emmanuelle Le Goff


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