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Our clients and partners report on their successes, projects and relationship with Eurodata TV Worldwide.

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4-screen worldwide analysis and Indian focus

There is a strong dynamic in worldwide TV audience measurement. This dynamic is both about expansion and consolidation. Expansion with the launch of TV measurements in more and more countries. Consolidation with the development of 4-screen measurement in several countries as a challenging continuation of the work already done in time-shifted viewing measurement to keep following new TV habits.
4-screen audience results are at present published in France and The Netherlands, and then available in MyEurodataTV database and analysed in our new 4Screen Quarterly Report. This 4Screen Quaterly Report offers a worldwide analysis and interpretation of 4-screen (TV, computer, mobile and tablet) trends and usages. More countries will follow, as audience measurement is already evolving towards unified 4-screen measurement in the USA, the UK, Spain, Danemark, Sweden, Japan and Thailand…

As for specific target audience, children are becoming more and more important for broadcasters and producers, since they are not usual viewers and it is difficult to attract them. Thus, it became interesting for us to present their habits at MIPTV. You can find an abstract of the conference we hosted in the exclusive part of our newsletter.

One update on our products, we recently launched a new report focusing on the Indian market, which is the second world TV market. In partnership with the BARC in India, we are now able to provide a detailed analysis on this key market. By reading the second article of our newsletter, you will discover what are the televisual habits of Indian viewers, depending on whether they are living in rural or urban areas. If you want more information about this new emerging country, our new TV Market Analysis Report – Focus India, provides an in-depth customised and comprehensive general and regional analysis.

For more information do not hesitate to follow us on our twitter page @EurodataTV

Best Regards,

Laurent Battais,
Senior Vice President, Eurodata TV Worldwide

Find out more about our insight reports:

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Kids TV's essential: What Kids love @MIPTV
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The Eurodata TV Worldwide team is constantly travelling around the world to meet our clients/partners and bring an unique insight through conferences, seminars and festivals around five continents. In the coming months you can meet and hear us at:

  • World Content Market
    Moscow, Russian Federation
    30-02 May 2017

    “Nota (New on the Air): How to find out the latest content trends using one simple tool?”
    by Jessica Laloum on May 31st, 11:30 – 11:45am
    Jessica Laloum - jlaloum@eurodatatv.com
  • Midem
    Cannes, France
    6-8 June 2017

    François Lhomme - flhomme@eurodatatv.com
  • MIFA
    Annecy, France
    13-14 June 2017

    Aurore Leveque Duquesne - aleveque@eurodatatv.com
  • Shanghai International Film & TV Market
    Shanghai, People’s Republic of China
    18-20 June 2017

    Bo Zhang - bzhang@eurodatatv.com
  • Festival de Télévision de Monte-Carlo
    Monaco, Monaco
    16-20 June 2017

    Frédéric Vaulpré - fvaulpre@eurodatatv.com

Wherever you are in the world, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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Our clients and partners report on their successes, projects and relationship with Eurodata TV Worldwide.
The Nielsen Company Singapore – Catherine ZHAO – Director, Regional TAM Client Service – Singapore

Nielsen has been operating TAM operations in Asia Pacific for quite a long time. Could you please shortly present your operations in this region and tell us more about the most striking TV viewing trends in Asia?

Nielsen’s TAM (Television Audience Measurement) service covers Australia (Data owned by OzTAM & Reg TAM), China (JV), Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar (JV), New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

The TV viewing landscape has continued to evolve. The most striking TV viewing trend in Asia is that the total content consumption (especially multi-screen TV viewing) has continued to grow. Technology makes the viewing of Any-Time-Any-Where a reality. Audiences have great flexibility to choose the content via the different devices at their preferred time. Based on Nielsen US Q2 2016 total audience report, we have seen an increase of 13% (1h12mins) more media consumption per day – primarily driven by content consumption via smartphone, tablet and PC, over two years ago (Q2 2014). We will have more data to share with the industry for Thailand total audience consumption in the near future.

Looking at Asian markets, TV time spent per person has remained steady during the past 3 years, with average of 2 hours 40 minutes per day per person, based on Nielsen 2016 TAM measurement for 6 markets: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan and South Korea.

Programme genre localization continues to be a driver in Asian markets. In Taiwan, as an example, local drama & entertainment takes 50% of total market viewing share, and news as another major genre with about 14% viewing share. Thailand: entertainment/variety viewing has increased from 4% (2012) to 16% (2016). News plays a major part for government affairs with 19% viewing share during the past 2 years.

You recently kicked off 4-screen measurement in Thailand. Could you please tell us more about this development and your foreseeable plans in the region?

Following Nielsen U.S and Australia markets, Nielsen Thailand is the first country in Asia to launch Digital Content Ratings (DCR). DCR will be progressively launched in other Nielsen Asian markets, later in 2017 and early 2018. This will give us a total audience read across the region.

DCR is a core component of our Total Audience Measurement framework. It’s the industry’s first and only solution providing comprehensive daily measurement of digital content consumption (video, audio & text) across all devices: computer, tablet, smartphone and connected devices, with metrics fully comparable to television audience measurement, such as GRP, reach & frequency and time spent. DCR is the next generation of content measurement.

How does it work? DCR is powered by a robust census data methodology that leverages third-party demographic data in combination with tagged data from our Software Development Kit (SDK).

With regard to Return Path Data, what are your current operations in the region and general objectives?

We have Return Path Data (RPD) in Taiwan to measure Chunghua Telecom’s MOD platform with 6,250 panels; China RPD with more than 100,000 panels covering 69 major cities. In Singapore, together with StarHub, we have developed both census-based RPD (530, 000 homes) and the panel base RPD (7,000 panels) to measure all StarHub channels.

TV viewing becomes more segmented in Asia. RPD will have a significant impact especially on niche channels’ ratings. With a larger sample size, RPD will greatly improve ratings’ stability. It provides an economical way to offer a granular ratings’ visibility in terms of live, time-shifted, catch-up, VOD etc., particularly for multi-channels.

Our long-term objective is to integrate RPD-based data into our current TAM data at the purpose of having a larger cost-effective panel size, and yet to provide a great level of ratings’ granularity to both local channels and multi-channels.

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Viewers got the power with social media and VR

Thanks to social media and Virtual Reality, viewers’ involvement in programmes is becoming very popular. TV broadcasters have this strong card to play as it seems to be a key to attract the young audience.

Social media & application

TV broadcasters use social media and applications to build a strong bond between viewers and their favourite programmes. Viewers are becoming more and more active, while using their smartphones, they can influence the progression of a show.

With the application V live, South Korean viewers accessed exclusive content and voted to choose the fate of the candidates in the reality Ggotnoripae-Flower Crew. The candidate who gathered the most votes became the leader of the “Flower Road” team with the most money and benefits while the one who got the least became the leader of the “Dirt Road” team who traveled without any money. Moreover, Cartoon network launched the smartphone application The Powerpuff Girls Story Maker for the second season of the animated show. This application allows kids to record narration over the animation to create their own show. The movies can be saved or shared by email. This story maker is an opportunity for the brand to reinforce its community engagement.

TV Broadcasters are eager to create live interactivity with their digital community to make aware of current affairs. In Netherlands, during the talk-show Het Monitor Debat broadcasted on NPO 2, the online audience could interact through Twitter, Facebook or the programme’s dedicated website. While the show was broadcasted live on Facebook, the online audience commented on their arguments using Facebook emoticons. In Italy, each episode of the documentary series, I Ragazzi del Bambino Gesù aired on Rai 3, led to a live video exchange with doctors from the Hospital Bambino Gesù. The audience could ask live written questions through Facebook dealing with medical issues tackled in the programme. This interactivity stimulates the viewer’s awareness of political and social issues.

Immersive experience & VR

Viewers can also live an immersive experience in which they are put in another person’s shoes thanks to Virtual Reality.

The RTBF and Arte have developed the interactive counterpart of the documentary “La vie à venir” aired on La Trois. First launched on Youtube with a Cardboard mode, “La vie à venir en 360°” allows the viewer to become a premature baby facing the emotions of his parents and nurse. “White Pig”, co-produced by the RTBF and the Théâtre de Liège, is a 360° immersive experience dealing with cyberbullying. Thanks to an Oculus Rift, viewers can follow Camille’s life at home and at school. They are witnessing harassment in the real world and cyberbullying in the digital world. TV broadcasters develop immersive experiences that encourage viewers to be effective players. These experiences address viewers’ social, political and health concerns and stimulate their creativity.

All the facts and figures of these programmes (and much more!) can be found in the 4-Screen Quarterly Report, Edition 1 2017. The report was released in April 2017.

Source: Eurodata TV – 4Screen Quaterly report 2017 – Edition 1 / Relevant Partners

For further information about our 4Screen Report please contact us!
Alexandra Boutin-Diaz – Research & Account Executive - aboutin-diaz@eurodatatv.com
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India: An overview of the 2nd world TV market

Due to its rapidly growing economy, large population, the multitude of languages and the emerging middle class, India is one of the most attractive media markets. With more than 670 million potential viewers and 153.5 million households measured, India is the 2nd World TV Market.

India’s TV industry is quite fragmented with six giant media holdings: first, Viacom 18 with entertainment oriented channels such as Colors TV, then the autonomous India Central Government group Doordashan who has the public service broadcasted DD1 National.
Focusing mainly on local fiction, 21st Century Fox owns channels like Star Plus and Life OK, while the group Sony Pictures Network India (previously known as Multi Screen Media Pvt. Ltd) favors soap operas and entertainment with various channels like SAB TV and Sony Entertainment TV. The Sun Group bets on comedy fiction through Sun TV which is its flagship channel, and finally Zee Entertainment Enterprises airs many programmes in Hindi through the channel Zee TV.

A year on year comparison reflects a decline in most of the Generalist Entertainment Channels (GEC) in ratings. However, as per number of impressions (ratings in 000’s) Sun TV and Sony Entertainment Channel benefited from an increase of viewership. (16% and 18%, respectively).

Rural viewers are a significant part of this viewership as most of them contributed to the listed channels above with almost 30% of 2016 impressions. Sun TV and Zee TV viewership registered the highest proportion of rural impressions with 49% and 41%, respectively.
With the Urban TV penetration stagnating, the inclusion of rural areas to BARC’s measurement since October 2015 allows broadcasters and content producers to address new TV markets to penetrate. 2016 was the first full year BARC covered Urban and Rural area, which allows broadcasters to identify a different pattern of viewing habits in rural areas, as well as an increase of market share in different genres thanks to rural viewers: Fiction, Factual and Entertainment.

As Rural viewers tend to sleep earlier, broadcasters started to move their primetime earlier to take advantage of this market which one year ago was unexploited. For instance, Zee TV launched the fiction series “Bin Kuch Kahe” at 6.30pm on February 2017, while Star Plus launched the series “Meri Durga” at the same timeslot on January 2017.

Finally, in terms of content, rural viewers are more attracted to local content, which can be slightly different from what urban viewers might consider as local; that’s why broadcasters are starting to launch channels dedicated to specific regional markets: for example, Zee Entertainment Enterprises launched the channel Zee Yuva dedicated to the Marathi market on August 2016. Others are strengthening their presence in other language markets with partnerships such as the channel Sun TV, who reached an agreement with the digital entertainment company Hungama to deploy themselves in the language market Telugu.

BARC’s Rural inclusion to TV measure enables the market have richer data by providing more detailed breakdown of demographic viewership. This extension of the universes, is a new opportunity for content creators and advertisers to explore rural markets that greatly contribute to India’s TV consumption.

All the facts and figures of these programmes (and much more!) can be found in the TV Market Analysis Report – Focus India.

Source: Eurodata TV Worldwide - Relevant Partners / NOTA International TV Trends

For further information on India and new TV Trends, please contact us!
Siglinde Martínez Reséndiz - Media Consultant - smartinez@eurodatatv.com
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YOKEI NA OSEWA KAMO SHIREMASENGA - 余計なお世話かもしれませんが This humorous show meddles with others' business in hope that it may be helpful to them, even if they are not consenting. The programme increased the channel’s slot average by 30% among young adults.

Japan - TV Asahi / Entertainment – This variety show is an "on-location show" hosted by comediennes Kanako Yanagihara and Minami Takahashi, in which they try to help people, celebrities and regular people. This show is burlesque: the people helped are not consenting and sometimes do not know that they need help.


THE HANDMAID'S TALE – Adapted from Atwood’s novel, "The Handmaid’s Tale" surfaces women’s fear of what everyday sexism means. A second season has just been announced by Hulu. The entire first season will also launch in Canada on CraveTV this spring.

Online – United States - Hulu / Fiction – This series is set in the dystopian Gilead, a totalitarian society in what was formerly part of the United States. Facing environmental disasters and a plunging birthrate, the country is ruled by a twisted religious fundamentalism that treats women as property of the state.


DE SOLLICITATIE – Belgium adaptation from an United Kingdom format, this programme offers to observe and show all techniques of hiring and stress of the candidates. The show increased the channel’s slot average by 60% among commercial target.

Belgium - VIER / Reality show – The programme is an observational series following real-life job interviews in detail. Cameras record real job interviews discreetly and shows employers looking for the best employee.


Source: Eurodata TV Worldwide / NOTA / Relevants partners

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Join the Eurodata TV Worldwide team!

The Eurodata TV Worldwide department analyses and gives access to audience performances of television programmes in more than 100 territories across the world. Our clients are TV producers, TV Channels, Copyright Organizations, Sponsors, etc.

Do you have a strong interest in international television? You already keep an eye on new launches and programming trends?

Join our team!

Senior Research Manager M/F – Full time position

Our Research department is currently seeking a Senior Research & Client Executive M/F for a full-time position.

  • In relation with the Head of Global Research & Content Strategy, you guarantee the production of various reports:
    - The first one on the annual panorama of TV consumption and audiovisual markets in more than 100 territories around the world (One TV Year in the World).
    - The second one about TV consumption of Young Adults as well as their new habits, in 10 key markets. You also take part on ad hoc studies for our clients. You coordinate the production of studies and ensure optimization and quality.
  • You are responsible for the production of the reports from the relationship with the partners, the analysis and synthesis of the data, to the product of the report and its delivery to the clients.
  • You ensure daily commercial relations with our customers (chains, producers, distributors of programmes) to provide them with figures and analyzes. In relation with sales managers, you produce ad hoc studies for your customers and think about the optimization of our offers.
  • You propose the axes of studies and ensure the analysis and the realization of the reports. You bring your analytical expertise and are force of proposition for the optimization and the automation of the processes and analyzes.
  • You participate in the communication of studies in relation with marketing and commercial teams (publication, press releases, emailings and customer brochures).


  • Business / Engineer school
  • Excellent ease in handling numbers
  • Proficiency in advanced formulas in Excel
  • Strength of proposal, proactivity, ability to coordinate several projects simultaneously
  • Fluency in oral and written English

Thank you to apply via the following address: gphelizon@mediametrie.fr

International TV Programme Analyst Assistant- 6-months Internship

Our Research department is currently seeking, for a six months’ internship, an International TV Programmes Analyst Assistant.


  • Identify new TV titles launched in a selection of territories.
  • Establish documentary research, via Internet, to write a brief description of each programme and gather the production credits.
  • Collect the data produced, verify them and interpret the results.
  • Assist Research & Client Managers, producing audience reports and analysis for our global clients.
  • Analyse international TV landscapes, programme performances and programming scheduling.


  • Preparing a BA, BS/BSc and/or MA, MS/MSc,
  • In Business school or University,
  • Field: Marketing/Research/Medias,

Contact: please send your application to: gaubry@mediametrie.fr

Research and Account Assistant – 6-months internship

Within the Research and Strategies of content team of EurodataTV, we are seeking for an apprentice/intern from June 2017.


You participate in the realization of reports and analyses for our international clients, and as such you participate more particularly in reporting on the hearing channels and programmes worldwide.

You synthesize audience data from the available in-house databases, formalize requests for additional data to the partners we are working with, and check the results of the studies you are responsible of. You format and make the writing of summaries of these reports.

You also need to communicate in English with some local partners in order to provide clarification on the transmitted data.


Student in Business School or University, minimum BA level, you follow a specialization in audiovisual/studies/mathematics, and are strongly motivated by the quantitative studies and the international TV sector.

Comfortable with numbers, you are known for your qualities of rigor and adaptation. Your taste for team work and intellectual curiosity will make you successful in the position.

A very good knowledge of IT tools - Word, Excel and Power Point - is necessary.

Given the international environment the proficiency in English is essential.

Contact: please send your application to: gaubry@mediametrie.fr

Marketing and Sales Assistant – 1 year apprenticeship

Within our Sales Department, we are looking for a Marketing and Sales Assistant for a one year apprenticeship starting in September 2017.


In support of the sales team, you come in on the following missions:

  • Update the commercial media on a regular basis and preparing business presentations dedicated to accompanying sales offers
  • Coordinate the creation of marketing materials dedicated to specific markets.
  • Assist sales team in the study of feasibility of the commercial applications
  • Prepare purchase orders
  • Assist sales representatives in the management of the databases (CRM) (Clients & Prospects)
  • Manage sales’ planning of interventions
  • Manage invitations to Eurodata TV Worldwide events
  • Coordinate emailing campaigns
  • Assist sales representatives in the promotion of the publication of new studies
  • Perform specific administrative missions or analysis in connection with the activity of the sales team


Business School or University Master degree.
You already have a first experience within a sales department, ideally with an international environment.
Your discipline, sense of organization and prioritization tasks, as well as your independence will be assets to succeed in its mission.
Good command of Microsoft Office,
Very good command of English (written and oral). Knowledge of a second language would be a plus.

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