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La newsletter de février 2017

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Our clients and partners report on their successes, projects and relationship with Eurodata TV Worldwide.

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A busy schedule for Eurodata TV!

The start of this year has been a busy time for the Eurodata TV team. Within the last month we had the team presenting the Global Dynamics of Television with a special focus on the Middle East at DISCOP Dubai. For more info see the exclusive! Further to this we moved over to Russia offering a similar presentation, giving away all of the latest content trends and usages over a breakfast & networking conference gathering major executives and managers from leading Russian broadcasters and content producers.  

We now turn our attention to MIPTV which is soon approaching as we are pleased to be offering 3 rich conferences this year! During MIPFormats we will give the latest innovative trends, new hits & how entertainment is adapting to different platforms to follow younger viewing habits. This will be followed by an opening conference on Monday morning at MIPTV, giving you the latest trends of TV & online video consumption and what innovative strategies actually enhance user experience. For the first time, Junior is coming to MIPTV on Tuesday! Our third conference will allow you to discover platforms, trends and the highest-rated kids shows from around the world!

Also coming up in the pipeline is the release of our KIDS TV Report. This report will bring you all of the trends & hits in children’s programming. It will provide you with a key analysis by country needed to understand the international children’s market. Keep your eye out for the launch mid-March!


Frédéric Vaulpré,
Eurodata TV Worldwide Vice-President

Find out more about our insight reports:

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Video Consumption Trends & Winning Viewer Strategies - With a focus on The Middle East
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The Eurodata TV Worldwide team is constantly travelling around the world to meet our clients/partners and bring a unique insight through conferences, seminars and festivals around five continents. In the coming months you can meet and hear us at:

  • Global Kids Media Congress
    Angoulême, France
    6-8 March 2017

    “Main Kids Media Evolution” by Avril Blondelot on March 7th, 11.50 – 12.25 am
    Avril Blondelot - ablondelot@eurodatatv.com
  • Le Rendez-vous de Versailles, TVFI
    Versailles, France
    9-10 March 2017

    “French content that could be useful in Germany” by Frédéric Vaulpré
    Frédéric Vaulpré - fvaulpre@eurodatatv.com
    François Lhomme - flhomme@eurodatatv.com
  • PROMAXBDA Europe Conference 2017
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    13-14 March 2017

    “THE GLOBAL DYNAMICS OF TELEVISION: International content Trends” by Sahar Baghery on Tuesday 14th March, 9:00 am
    Sahar Baghery - sbaghery@eurodatatv.com
    Hong Kong, China
    13-16 March 2017

    Bo Zhang - bzhang@eurodatatv.com
  • MIPFormats
    Cannes, France
    1st April 2017

    “TV Viewing Trends” by Sahar Baghery, 10:50 – 11:30 am
    Sahar Baghery - sbaghery@eurodatatv.com
    Cannes, France
    3rd April 2017

    “One TV Year in the World: Cracking Audience Trends” by Frédéric Vaulpré, Sahar Baghery and John Peek
    Frédéric Vaulpré - fvaulpre@eurodatatv.com
    Sahar Baghery - sbaghery@eurodatatv.com
    John Peek - johnp@tape-services.com

    4th April 2017
    “Kids@MIPTV” by Sahar Baghery on April 4th, 9:15 - 9.45 am
    Sahar Baghery - sbaghery@eurodatatv.com
  • Kazachok Licensing Forum
    Paris, France
    19-20 April 2017

    Aurore Levêque - aleveque@eurodatatv.com

Wherever you are in the world, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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Our clients and partners report on their successes, projects and relationship with Eurodata TV Worldwide.
Kazachok – Nathalie Chouraqui – CEO
What’s coming up for Kazachok this year?

Can you tell us more about your recent successes?

In 2016 we celebrated the 15th anniversary of Kazachok. But 15 years does not mean we are getting old! A lot of new projects are in process for 2017. In December 2016, we launched a new event called the “Keynote des Marques” by Kazachok, which took place in a famous theatre in Paris. Agents and licensors were on stage and presented their new properties and trends for 2017 and 2018 to a fully booked assistance of licensees, retailers, manufacturers and communication agencies. This new event was such a success that we already signed up for the next edition in November 2017.

What are your main projects and strategy outlines over the coming months?

In 2017, we will hold the 14th edition of the Kazachok Licensing Forum. This event reunites professionals who wish to diversify their brands and increase their visibility on new sectors. We slightly upgraded the formula, with less pitches and more spaces for one-to-one appointments.

Every year our event attracts new professionals from different sectors looking for new opportunities. More recently, we also encourage the communication and advertising agencies to come, looking for a wider scope in their promotional operations or their campaigns; without forgetting the distribution professionals who closely follow the trends to identify the right products at the right time.

We are proud to have rooted this appointment into the agendas of the professionals who say each year "We meet at Kazachok!" We take pride in supporting our loyal and new exhibitors in each edition by providing them a true networking platform in order to make the French licensing market prosperous.
The visibility of the stands is redesigned each year to surprise once again; exhibitors and visitors; providing more visibility and scope to the brands.
For this 2017 edition, several points will enhance the quality of the Forum:
- The Trends Corner: a space dedicated to showcasing licensed products based on a specific theme depending on the market’s trends.
- In the first evening of the trade, we will throw a party allowing people to discuss business.

Immediately after the forum, we will head for another new event in Spain: The Licensing Trends Day that will be held in Madrid on June 22nd. This new event will allow the Spanish actors of the licensing market to meet and discuss opportunities, as well as learning about the new trends and new licensors properties.

Finally, in November, as mentioned above, the second edition of the Keynote des Marques will take place on November 14th in Paris.

Meanwhile, we still provide our famous useful tools such as the Kazachok Licensing Mag, whose next issue will be released in mid-march and the Kit Licence Expert, which gathers data from more than 9 000 active properties, more than 1700 agents and beneficiaries, over 3600 licence-holders and more than 5700 contacts. Moreover, we still have our consulting activity, which helps in licensing strategy development and new brands identification.

How does the information provided by Eurodata TV Worldwide help you in your work?

To know the desirable markets as the ones in the licensing, marketers need reliable international audience data. Thanks to Eurodata TV, our Kit License Expert subscribers have access to certified ratings and to a continual monitoring of the TV broadcastings worldwide.

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Who are the newcomers in worldwide scripted series?

The first update of the Scripted Series Report 2016 over fall 2016 (September-December) studies the top ranked series based on their best performing episode. It shows a great number of newcomers in the rankings, indeed, new series occupy 35% of the prime time top 15 programs vs. 29.5% over the same period last year.

In Russia, new scripted series dominated as they occupy almost 75% of the prime-time ranking. The best performing one, Sophia, a period drama based on the Byzantine era, ranked 2nd. Italian viewers also enjoyed the new series offered and mainly new period dramas broadcast on RAI 1. Indeed, the 3 most watched programs in prime time are new dramas set in Italian history; they explore the Renaissance with I Medici as well as the 20th century in la Mafia Uccide Solo D’Estate. Dutch viewers also love new period dramas, among the 7 new shows that entered the ranking, 3 are period dramas, which once again proves the worldwide appetite for this genre.

In Turkey, Venezuela, France and Spain, 6 new series have made their entrance in the local prime time ranking. In Turkey, it is more than the same period last year. Among the new series, Anne, an adaptation of the Japanese format Mother, ranked 3rd with its best performing episode. In Venezuela, the new Mexican biopic Hasta Que Te Conoci is the most watched series with its premiere.

In France, overall, the ranking is dominated by French series, followed by US ones. New French titles such as La Vengeance aux Yeux Clairs and Munch have performed well as they respectively ranked 1st and 3rd with their best performing episode. The 1st one gathered 7.5 million viewers for its launch with a 31% market share. In Spain, beside imported US series that occupy 5 spots in the ranking, one French series exceptionally features in the ranking: No Second Chance. Broadcast on La1, it gathered 1.1 million viewers for its best performing episode. Even if 6 new series appeared in the prime-time ranking, it is lower than the same period last year when 8 new shows were ranked.

On the US Networks, fall 2016 was more prolific than last year. 5 new series managed to enter the ranking (vs. 4 last year), and 3 of them even managed to feature in the top 5. The season premiere of the procedural, Bull, over-performed that of NCIS and reached the 2nd spot for its launch with 20.5 million viewers tuning into CBS. The new dramedy This is Us ranked 5th and worked particularly well in individuals 18-49, being the best performing launch in that target (+9.8 share points vs. the 2015 slot average). In American cable’s top 15, only 3 new series entered. The new HBO series Westworld has performed well and ranked as the 12th program of the ranking with its final episode.

Back to Europe, Swedes appreciate European fiction, most notably, the new crime drama Midnattssol (), a Franco-Swedish production. It managed to gather more than 1.5 million viewers for its best performing episode, making it number one in the prime-time ranking. Unlike most of the countries, in Israel new series featuring the rankings are mainly comedies, they are 3 among the 4 newcomers.

In Denmark, UK and Germany few new series managed to enter the ranking. In Denmark and the UK, there are 3 new series in the prime time top 15. In the UK, the best performing one is the revival of Cold Feet whichranked 4th with its best performing episode. German viewers only endorsed one new show new which is the drama Familie! broadcast on ZDF.

Source: Eurodata TV Worldwide / Médiamétrie / Kantar Media Spain / Nielsen Media Research / MMS Mediamätning I Skandinavien AB / Relevant Partners.

For further information on Scripted Series please contact us!
Léa Besson - Media Consultant - lbesson@eurodatatv.com
Tel: +33 (0) 1 47 58 94 32
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Which programmes are taking top position in European children’s markets?

Now that children have gone back to school for a few months, various titles have become children’s new friends in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

In the rankings, new animated series have the place of honor

At the end of 2016, most of the new programmes that appeared in the best performing episodes rankings were animated series. These new titles were particularly successful in Spain, thanks to their airing on Clan. Among them were the British CGI series Bing. The little rabbit’s adventures ranked 1st in Children 4-6 with 196,100 viewers for its best episode during the last quarter of the year. The series had previously won the International Emmy Kids Award in the pre-school category in April 2016.

Also, launched on the public channel, Yoko’s best episode ranked 17th in Children 4-6 in October-December. The Minecraft look-alike series is a coproduction involving the Russian studio Wizart Animation and the Spanish companies Dibulitoon Studio and Somuga focuses on the outdoor adventures of three curious children and the magical friend Yoko.

In the same quarter in France, Simon scored high just after its launch on France 5. The colorful series is an adaptation from an illustrated book which centers on a mischievous hero and ranked 10th in both Children 4-14 and Children 4-10.

In entertainment shows, the mix of old programmes and new formats

A strong animation series, Adventure Time, gave birth to 2 new games shows. In the Italian Adventure Time: Missione Finntastica and its Spanish equivalent Hora de Aventuras: Misión ¡Zuzumba!, children and their parents compete in physical and mental games based on the original animated series. Produced by the Spanish Lucky Road Productions, both shows were broadcast on Boing and ranked 5th in Italy and 8th in Spain in All Children.

With Lunnis de Leyenda, Clan brought back to the screens the singer Lucrecia and the popular Spanish puppets the Lunnis to tell stories in a format blending animation, live-action and music. The show managed to feature in the rankings usually dominated by animated series in the country, with its best episode recording a 56.0% share in Children 4-6.

A mix of local and international live-action series start well

The end of the year has also been marked by the arrival of new live-actions programmes in the tops. In France, Nickelodeon’s Yo Soy Franky entered the rankings with a peak episode watched by 287,000 Children 4-14 (Gulli). In Spain, another Nickelodeon’s series, Henry Danger, entered the free-to-air channel Clan’s programming. It gathered 249,500 Children 4-12 and scored really high for the genre in preschoolers.

Local productions were also well received. In the United Kingdom, CBBC’s So Awkward was the 3rd most watched children’s series by Children 4-15 on its channel. In Italy, Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends (produced by Rainbow) was Rai Gulp’s top show in October-December.

In March 2017, the Kids TV Report covering July-December 2016 will provide a comprehensive analysis of the trends and hits in children’s programming.

Source: Source: Eurodata TV Worldwide / Médiamétrie / AGF / GfK Fernsehforschung / Auditel / Nielsen TV Audience Measurement / Kantar Media Spain / BARB / Kantar Media

For further information on Kids’ TV please contact us!
Khady So - Research and Account Executive - kso@eurodatatv.com
Tel:  +33 (0) 1 71 00 03 88
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UNDRESSED – The first two episodes of the dating show, aired on January 16th realized a good performance and increased SBS’s slot average by 32% among individuals 18-34.

This Italian dating format, presented as a “social experiment” and first broadcasted on Nove in 2016, has already been sold in several European countries like Spain, Netherlands or Poland. The show has been recommissioned for a season 2 in the UK.

Australia – SBS / Reality - "Undressed" is based on a format created by Banijay-Zodiak Media’s Magnolia Italy which sees couples undress each other on their first meeting and spend time in bed before deciding whether or not to stay together.


A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS – Launched worldwide by Netflix on January 13th, the fantastic series has got 35 000 followers on its official Twitter account.

After a first movie adaptation in 2004 with Jim Carrey, Netflix and Paramount Television co-produce a series version of the famous eponym books by Lemony Snicket, starring Neil Patrick Harris. It marks the return of the main actor of the series How I Met Your Mother.

USA/ WW – Netflix / Series – Based on the series of books by Lemony Snicket, "A Series Of Unfortunate Events" tells the tale of the orphaned children Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire at the hands of the villainous Count Olaf, as they face trials and tribulations, misfortunes and an evil uncle in search of their fortune, all in their quest to uncover the secret of their parents’ death.


LE SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE DE GAD ELMALEH – The French version of the comedy show, registered good ratings, especially on the young target, with an increase by almost 90% of M6’s slot average among individuals 15-34.

Adapted for the first time in France, the episode 1 of the SNL was hosted by Gad Elmaleh. The famous French comedian, has become international this year as since January 24th, his stand-up show is aired globally on Netflix.

France - M6 / Comedy – The comedy show is the French adaptation of the famous US format "Saturday Night Live" that has been on air for 40 years and counting. 


Source: Eurodata TV Worldwide / NOTA / Relevants partners

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Join the Eurodata TV Worldwide team!

Unfortunately, we have no specific vacancies at the moment but if you feel you have the necessary skills and drive to contribute to the continued growth of our dynamic and motivated team then please apply to the address below.

Contact: please send your application to: recrutement@mediametrie.fr

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